Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kingdoms of Camelot

Review: Kingdoms of Camelot

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Kingdoms of Camelot is just another one of the many civilization type games that one can play on line.  It has the usual Gold, Food, Wood, Stone, and Iron of most of the others. 

One of the most interesting features of KoC is the fact that the buildings change as you upgrade them.  I found out that the storehouse changes three times. The graphics are good and it is easy to tell the difference between types of buildings.

One of the things that kept me playing this long is the relative lack of attacks.  I've been able to build a quite large city without being attacked by another player very much.  For instance, I was away over a weekend recently.  Although my cities were attacked (some several times) in Travian, Kingory, and once in Evony, I experienced no attacks at all over a tree day weekend.  This made it very easy to build.

However, I've been unable to build certain things above certain levels.  I cannot seem to store enough stone to raise my walls to level 8 (ten is the max) no matter what I try.  Although I used that time to build other things (such as the watch tower) I would still like to figure out why my stone quantity isn't moving despite storehouse at 9 and shrinking powder at max.

Kingdoms of Camelot isn't for everyone, but lovers of civilization games may find it more of a challenge than others of its ilk.

Next time - the 600 pound gorilla.