Saturday, July 1, 2017

Totems of the Dead GM's Guide

"Totems of the Dead - Gamemasters Guide" by Matthew Kaiser
Published by Gun Metal Games and distributed by Cubicle 7
ISBN = 978-0-85744-126-3 - 140 pages

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 = Intro
Chapter 2 = Bestiary
Chapter 3 = NPC's
Chapter 4 = GM Tools
Chapter 5 = Savage Tales
Appendix A = Hazards

1) Intro

Not counting the full page black and white art, there are 8 pages here.

2A) Animals

22 different creatures from this setting start the Bestiary.  Everything from Alligators to Wolverines.

104 different monsters with which to terrorize your players.  Including an incredible 62 pages of the 140 page softcover.  Starting with Animated Trees, and finishing with Woodland Stalkers.

Animals normally will not attack a character unless very hungry, or threatened, or protecting its eggs or young.  Monsters, however, will generally attack PCs, NPC's, or any food source.

3) Supporting Cast

These 24 humanoids virtually add at least 24 new NPC classes, or possibly even new Player Characters.

4) The Adventure Generator and the Nameless Horror Generator are dang near wonderful if stuck in a place where you have nothing planned.  You simply roll the dice, and "poof!".  There's your Setting for the day and/or a totally new creature or monster.

5) The Savage Tales section is a list of ideas for adventures and campaigns.  Elevan plot ideas can be filled out with material from this book, or, you could conceivably make an entire campaign out of one.  If you own other Savage Worlds books containing various creatures and monsters, you don't even need to convert!

Appendix A = Hazards

Various poisons and diseases make up this short section.

Once again, it is the North American "medieval" setting that makes this unique.  I can't say enough about the Native American type setting.  Quite a bit of common fantasy RPG's use a European medieval type setting.  This book has both a Table of Contents in the front, and an index in the back - having both is a real help.  The art is very good even if it is black and white.  This book uses the Savage Worlds  ruleset, and you must have a copy of the Savage Worlds books - either the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer's Edition or the Savage Worlds Deluxe Hardcover edition.

I'd say if you are a GM that thi is worth at least a real good look.  I have both the Player's Guide and the GM's Guide, and there a PDF on Drive Thru/RPG Now that adds quite a bit of South AMerica.  They rarely sell you less tha n original price, and the fact that they are hard to get will do nothing except eventually raise this cost.  Get both - exactly like mine!
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