Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review: The Dungeon Alphabet

"The Dungeon Alphabet" authored by Michael Curtis and produced by Goodman Games and distributed by Goodman Games, definitely deserves the Three Castles Award. After a short Intro, they get right into the alphabetical tables - eight new topics in this third edition, and over 34 tables.  There are tables for every letter of the alphabet, plus a few letters have two entries.  All these tables make for great random generation.  The whole of this small tome reminds me a little of the "old school" of D&D.  The classic b&w line art just enhances this.  Although most of the tables are fairly small, they should also serve as idea stimulators.  The charts are generic and will fit into any fantasy role-playing game.  A really crafty GM could conceivably use this book to teach the alphabet to a child.  Older 1st and 2nd editions of this book run quite expensive on Amazon - so get this while you can!  Highly recommended.

Review: The Mother of All Treasure Tables

"The Mother of All Treasure Tables" authored by various authors and produced by Necromancer Games and distributed by Kenzer and Co, definitely has the usual Necromancer Games "Third Edition Rules - First Edition Feel". After a short Intro, there are not one, not two, not even three, but no less than ten different tables.  There are tables for: 10 GP (or less), 50 GP, 100 GP, 500 GP, 1,000 GP, 5,000 GP, 10,000 GP, 30,000 GP. 50,000 GP, and one for Epic Hoards. All these tables make for great random treasures.  The shortage of info for anything beyond 30,000 GP is a little disappointing.  However, even the small number of treasure hoards above 30K will give creative GM's ideas on what to put in such a large hoard.  My higher recommendation goes to using this book as a sister to the recently reviewed "Mother of All Encounter Tables".  Good GM's should only use this book as a emergency guide, and not a constant companion. It's not as good as the "Mother of all Encounter Tables".  It would have gotten four stars were it not for the much smaller treasure tables for 30,000, 50,000, and epic hoards, but it's still a great try.   Recommended.