Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

No matter what holiday(s) you celebrate at this time of year, may they all be filled with happiness.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: Seven Cities

"Seven Cities" by Matt Forbeck, published by Atlas Games.  Details the creation and population of seven different types of cities: the thorp, the hamlet, the village, the small town, the large town, the small city, and the large city.  After a 16 page introduction that explains how to use the material in this book over and over again, there's a 17 page thorough look at a specific thorp, 12 pages for the example hamlet, 16 pages for the example village, 17 pages for the example small town, 16 pages for the example large town, 21 pages for the example small city, and 21 pages for the example large city.  The intro explains how to use these examples to create virtually an infinite number of other types of all the cities enclosed.  Each of the seven types of cities includes a couple of plot ideas.  There are also 39 small maps.  Each of the cities also includes a few NPC's that you can use again (with new names) in the larger cities.  All told, including the OGL and advertisement, there's 144 page chock full of great world building ideas.  For fantasy game masters, I'd say this one is well worth picking up.  Highly recommended.