Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Complete Content an Illusion?

"Stonebridge" by Patrick Younts, published and distributed by Mongoose Publishing.
ISBN = 1-903980-82-8.  MGP # 5004.

Quick Look-see:

01) Introduction
02) History and the Present Day
03) Palazzo, Piazzo, and Sandstone Streets
04) Vineyard, Farm, and Villa
05) Dragons, Dreamers, and Builders
06) Stonebridge Adventures
07) Beasts, Magic, and Wondrous Machines
08) OGL

Part 01 - Introduction.  The intro includes a one page short story, and a short intro to the book.

Part 02 - History and the Present Day.  A good timeline, info on the citizens, Apprentices, Masters, and pursuit of genius, Science in Service, Guilds, Religion, Government and the Law, Military Service, and the Cycle of the Seasons.

Part 03 - Palazzo, Piazzo, and Sandstone Streets.  Stonebridge at a glance, Landmarks, the First Terzo, Ponte Sofferenza and the River Canyon, the Second Terzo, and the Third Terzo.

Part 04 - Vineyard, Farm, and Villa.  The River Canyon, its north side and south side, and several locations.

Part 05 - Dragons, Dreamers, and Builders.  Five important NPC's, four dragons (!), and a bit about the city watch.

Part 06 - Stonebridge Adventures.  Nine adventure seeds set beginning in Stonebridge.

Part 07 - Beasts, Magic, and Wondrous Machines.  One new critter, one new Prestige Class, six new Feats, seven new Spells, and eight new Magic Items.

Part 08 - OGL.  The usual open gaming licence.

This is the fourth in a short series from Mongoose called "Cities of Fantasy".  Mongoose has used almost every open space in this book for info on Stonebridge.  The map of Stonebridge is on the inside front cover, but on the inside back cover are advertisements from Mongoose.

Stonebridge suffers from the same 64 page limitations as its earlier predecessors, "Skraag", "Stormhaven" and "Highthrone".  I thought all of it could use a little bit more fleshing out - maybe even enough for a 128 page book.  There just doesn't seem to be enough info to "just drop" this city into your campaign. 

Having said that, though, I still think enterprising GM's could supply this city with enough detail to last a hundred adventures.  Only three stars from me, although I =might= have given it four if it had been even 80 pages.  Not for Players.

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