Thursday, January 1, 2015

The best Dungeon Master's Guide ever...

"Premium Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide" by Various
Published and distributed by Wizards of the Coast
ISBN = 978-0-7869-6245-7  320 pages

This is often called "Core Rulebook 2 v.3.5".  Within its pages are the closest thing to perfection that the 3.5 rulebooks have ever had.  In this Premium edition, all errata has been removed, if possible, and entries have been slightly altered to make rulings clearer.

There are eight major chapters in this volume:
     1) Running the Game
     2) Using the Rules
     3) Adventures
     4) NPC's
     5) Campaigns
     6) Characters
     7) Magic Items
     8) Glossary

I'm not going to bore you with long descriptions of the chapters.  But I will say that the Premium volume, with its semi-metallic cover, really stands out in my bookcases.  The art is great, as usual for WotC, and is rarely out of place.  The basics of what might be called "the ultimate D&D" are all included.  In the back of the book are several small maps and map templates, and some color floor tiles.  There's also a removable map of a dungeon.

There is a really good Table of Contents and a good index.  There's also a list of all pertinent tables, which was a nice touch - it makes the specific info you are looking for easier to find.

Folks, if you play =any= 3.5 or D20 game, you should have a copy of this book.  The DMG contains many great hints and tips for running a campaign or adventure.    Highly recommended.

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