Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hi friends - and especially MtG players!

I've been playing MtG since the very beginning. But the time has come for MtG and me to part ways. I have two four-row boxes of assorted MtG cards - some going back as far as the Arabian Knights expansion. The first box is just about packed. That's about 4,000 cards. The 2nd box has three rows packed, and the fourth contains other MtG material. An educated guess would be right on about 7,000 cards of varying condition, rarity or lack thereof, and many decks - both pre-made and customs - and other items. 

I would be willing to take $1000.00 for all. Please write me here on Facebook, or e-mail me direct at - or, if you are in a hurry, call (540) 434-4671. I'll give it a shot or two till the end of the month. If I get no response, I'll be taking the lot to Star City Games in Roanoke. A great deal like this may come along only once.

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