Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Shipwrecked on the Razor Coast!

Razor Coast is yet another huge campaign by Frog God Games, as assisted by Necromancers.

This book is 532 pages of mostly overland and overseas adventures!  It is packed to the brim with pirates and swashbuckling adventure, tempered well with dark fantasy.

Yes, this is another huge book that occurs in Frog God's universe, just like "Slumbering Tsar" and "Rappan Athuk".  It consists of seven chapters: #1) "Into the Razor", #2) "Build an Adventure Path", #3) "Port Shaw", #4) "Beneath and Near Port Shaw", #5) "To Sail the Razor Sea", #6) "Night of the Shark", and #7) "The Kraken Strikes".

It also has no less than eight appendixes: #1) "Everything New Except Monsters", #2) "Recurring NPC's", #3) "Bestiary", #4) "Gazetteer", #5) "Book of Indulgences", #6) "Deep Waters", #7) "Handouts", and #8) "Campaign Worksheets". as well as a couple advertising sheets in the very back for other games produced by Frog God.

Folks, this is a great book for GM's who would love to set their campaign firmly in an age of Piracy and Sail!  The "Adventuring Path" allows GM's to meld the facts from "Into the Razor" with "Port Shaw".  If you are going to use this as your entire campaign (and you can!), it is recommended for characters level 5 through level 12. Good GM's will probably be able to take their party from Level 1 to Level 5 easily by using some of the info in this book.  I would like to recommend that you encourage your players and their characters to use "Port Shaw" as their home base.

Created by Nicolas Logue, Chapter One details an overview of history of the Razor Coast, and has a great deal of summary material.  Chapter Two is the meat of how to use this tome to create an adventuring path.  You may already have good ideas for testing your PC's to their limit, even before they get to the material in this book!  If you do that's great!  Chapter Three, Port Shaw, introduces Port Shaw as a very viable place for PC's to rest up and re-equip. Chapter Four has even more material - this time both under the city (read: dungeons!) and near the city.  Chapter Five takes the PC's on their first true adventure into the Razor Coast and surrounding areas.  Chapter Six should be the GM's favorite chapter!  It has the Were-Sharks. With this, you can even start designing and putting your own touches onto the waters of the Razor Coast.  Chapter Seven should probably be the concluding chapter to adventures in the Razor Sea, as it introduces the final adversary, the Shark God! 

I don't want to totally ruin the fun, but one of my favorite things in this book was (get this!) Were-Sharks!  Were-Sharks can transform from what appears to be a normal human into a combination of man and shark (which I am fond of calling their "Crinos mode") and yet another transformation into a total Great White Shark! 

The appendixes claim a huge amount in this book - 187 pages!  The first is a flotilla of new items and rules.  The second is a group of recurring NPC's - which canny GM's will not let the players kill!  A virtual cornucopia of monsters (of course) makes up the next appendix, including some templates to add spice to already existing monsters, as well as a host of totally new ones!  The Gazetteer has a limited amount of starting info on the areas that are part of the Greater Razer Coast - but a few places that should be investigated by the PC's!  The Book of Indulgences starts with some fragmentary info on campaigns, some new Player Options, a complete adventure for 7th level characters, and finally, "What would happen if the group went out into deeper waters beyond the Razor Coast?".  A few options for further adventures is presented last, with a NPC Checklist and seven more charts for GM's use to manufacture the whole game!

Once again, Frog God hits the nail firmly on the ship's plank on this one.  Although the cost may seem to be prohibitively expensive, remember, this book essentially, produces an entire campaign from start to finish.  Buy one and see the Razor Coast claim even more victims!  One of my higher recommended recommendations!

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