Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: In the Belly oif the Beast

Trust is the Last Resort

"In the Belly of the Beast" by Mike Mearls, published by Penumbra and distributed by Atlas Games.

This slim 32 page adventure module is for characters from 2nd to 4th level.

Part One, "Introduction", includes customizing the module for your fantasy world, and a bit about the module.

Part Two, "The Story So Far", has a cast of NPC's broken down into various groups and then some info on each group.

Part Three, "The Setup", includes the main module hook, as well as a couple alternate hooks, and the beginning of the PC's mission.

Note: Part three is divided by an eight page "tear-out" section with a map, a combat table, 11 cards containing details on various NPC's, and a 12th card of a note to the PC's.

Part Four, "Into the Beast", contains the "meat and potatoes" of the module, and has nine events that all take place "In the Belly of the Beast".

Part Five, "Loose Ends", has several ways for creative GM's to extend the adventure beyond a simple module.

Although there is an 8 page pull out of stuff, the remaining 24 pages have a great deal of secondary info which may be useful to a GM if planning further adventures in the area.  The Combat Table was a nice touch.  A small "rewards" block gives ideas on possible XP.  The weird thing about this module is the fact that the party ends up deciding that - well, I better not reveal the ending...

I'd say this module deserves at least a look-see if interested - even if you're looking for a one shot deal.  Another good product from Penumbra.

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