Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: Lean and Hungry

Not So Lean After All...

"Lean and Hungry" by Chad Brouillard, published by Penumbra and distributed by Atlas Games.

This 64 page adventure module is for characters from 4th to 6th level.

The Introduction includes the basics of what came before, customizing the module for your campaign, and a bit about the module.

Part One, "A City Besieged", includes getting to the city, getting in the city, some info about a local shrine, and heading into the adventure.

Part Two, "The Barbarian Raiders", includes the first encounter - composed of barbarian raiders, and a strange encounter with those nomads.

Part Three, "The Field of Combat", includes an encounter with terracotta soldiers, as well as a probable battle between the PC's and a new monster (or two - or few - or many).

Part Four, "The Ancient Kofun", includes a map of the pyramid the players will have to search, a curse that the players may be exposed to, and an encounter with an ancient alchemist.

Part Five, "And They All Lived", simply ties loose ends together (and leaves several more for GM's to fill out), and gives a rewards table.

Appendix One, "New NPC Classes", gives some info on a new NPC class called "The Criminal", and more info on a new NPC class called "The Faithful".

Appendix Two, "Characters", has module specific NPC's of both types - Villagers and Barbarians as well as Relic Seekers and a new monster.

The heavy Oriental/Asian flavor of this module may be difficult for GM's to place in their world if they do not already have an Oriental/Asian themed area on their world already, or if the PC's aren't anywhere near that area.  Filing off the serial numbers to create a non-oriental flavor would be daunting.  There are a few new magical items, new spells, new potions, and other things the GM may want to look at before using this module.  The two new classes are best used as NPC's.

I'd say this module deserves at least a look-see if interested - even if you're looking for a one shot deal.  Another good product from Penumbra.

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