Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's a feat just to have this many Feats

"Feats" by Jim Pinto, published and distributed by Alderac Entertainment Group.

ISBN = 1-887953-73-6  AEG # 8515

Quick Look-see:

1) Background Feats
2) General Feats
3) Infernal Pacts
4) Magic Feats
5) Quest Feats

Introduction: A single page overview for how to use this book, and why these feats were chosen.

Chapter 1: Background Feats: Covers feats from Academy through Wealth.  Includes many 'Bloodgift' feats which should only be given out one per player.

Chapter 2: General Feats: Covers such feats as Acrobatics through Zen Swordsmanship.  The largest section in this book.

Chapter 3: Infernal Pacts: These feats, covering a small range from Claws/Fangs to Wishes, are only made by making the infamous 'pact with the devil'.  Most are fairly powerful and should be limited, if used at all.

Chapter 4: Magic Feats: From 'Above the Law' (which isn't what you think), through Wyld Transformation, most of these are for various types of spellcasters.  Metamagic, Item Creation, and others are in this section.

Chapter 5: Quest Feats: These powerful feats should only be awarded at the end of a difficult quest.  These skulls include some from Absolute Faith to Weapon of Pride.

Appendix: There's only about half-a-dozen weird feats here, use only for a good laugh..... :-)

This compendium includes well over 1,000 feats, over 200 of which are brand new to this book.  As an example, there's over 100 feats just for spellcasters.  The Background, and especially the Bloodgift Feats can really help to flesh out character creation.  The large General Feats category does not have many class or race distinctions.  Some of the Infernal Pacts even require an XP cost to the player.  The Magic Feats category is the aforementioned one for spellcasters.  Quest Feats may even give a creative GM new ideas for further adventures.  Altogether, quite a reference source for any GM.

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