Monday, January 11, 2010

Civilization Like Web Based Games 1


Travian is the first of the browser based games I shall review.  It's also by far one of the simplest as far as graphics are concerned. 

Like all others, you need resources - in this case, wood. clay, iron, and wheat.  There's a convenient icon for food (wheat) consumption in case you wonder where all your wheat is going.  You start with pre=planned spaces for your resources to be placed.  Six wheat spaces, and four of everything else.  There's also a city you must start to build, with places for things like your main building (sometimes called a Town Hall) and other things such as a barracks, marketplace, warehouse, cranny, grainery, embassy, trapper, and others.

You have thirteen days of beginner's protection - you cannot be attacked by other players during this time.  And you'll need it.  It's been almost a week for me already and I haven't built so much as one warrior.

You'll need the warriors and other troops for protection and fighting.  As is the case with other Civ-based games, you will be eventually fighting with other players for dominance of the area. 

I can't say I liked the graphics - they're kinda cartoonish and not very appealing to gamers in the 21st century.  It's also one of the slowest to get rolling - the 13 day protection should have given you a clue about that.  As for me, I'll be folding up my tents and getting out of the lands of Travian.  But, as with all my reviews, Your Milage May Vary.

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