Monday, January 11, 2010

Civilization Like Web Based Games 2


Kingory is the 2nd of the browser-based civilization type games I shall review.

At the first, let me say that I don't like the web ads for it.  Currently they're showing a rather bosomy oriental looking animated character which doesn't convey anything about the game.  They're very eye-catching, and may get a few click thrus expecting more of the same, but once those people find out it's a computer game, they'll leave in droves.

Next, let me say I like it.  I loved Civilization and it's various clones.  Kingory has a rather oriental flavor to its buildings and art, and graphics are ok but not outstanding.  At least it's easy to tell the difference between the various buildings...

Like other Civ-based web browser games, the resources needed are food, lumber, stone and iron.  You'll wish you had twice the lumber mills I bet...  Like almost all of the web based Civilization games, it's free to play - BUT - I must stress that it's harder to compete if you spend nothing.  You can spend real money to buy coins which you then trade for items.  I wish I had coins for armor...  Unlike any other game I shall review, your hero can wear armor to protect him/her self. 

The thing that gets me the most is the construction time.  By the time you start getting to be a real powerhouse, building upgrades will cost 75 hours of =real= time, not game time.  Waiting 3 &1/4 =days= for one construction to be done gets a bit tedious.  But there is, at least, a two building building queue, from which you can have more than one building going on at a time.  There's also a item that will temporarily give you five buildings in the queue.

A player familiar with the Civilization computer games has a real advantage coming into this game.  If you've played some of the multi-player options, you've got a taste of Kingory.

I shall be keeping my city.  I find Kingory endlessly fun planning the city and the stages of construction that will lead me to be able to build an army that could conquer the world - but there's one game I like better and I'll be reviewing it shortly.

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