Monday, January 25, 2010

Empire Craft

4th civilization-like web based game review

Empire Craft

(Yes, that's the right URL :-)

Empire Craft is another foray into the web based civilization type games.

Graphics are not the greatest, with a strange monotone theme which occasionally makes the buildings look similar.  About on a par with Civilization II or so.

Game play, however, is good, with the resources Wood, Stone, Iron, and Food.

The unique thing about Empire Craft is the ability to take many of your buildings and advance them to beyond level 10.  There is only one Sawmill, one Quarry, one Iron Mine, and one Farm.  There are no cottages, and you only need one barracks of each type (Infantry and Cavalry) and buildings for the usual City Hall and others.  There are a number of buildings you cannot build until you reach a high level in previous buildings.  For instance, the Water Wheel requires a number of other advancements to be built and improved upon until you can build it.

Another nice feature is the levels of troops.  Troops can learn new skills and advance in level just like buildings.  The Armor Workshop and Weapon workshop will quickly become your friend.  A level 2 Swordsman can beat a level 1 swordsman, and so forth.  There is a hospital and Infirmary for hurt and injured troops and heroes. 

Still another nice feature is the separate Grainery and Warehouse.  There's even a storage room for when the Grainery and Warehouse overflow with goods.

On the other hand is the "Lucky Wheel".  Like most of its kin, Empire Craft has ways in which you can spend real money on the game.  I've never found it necessary to spend real money on this game - I have fun without it.

My suggestion for Empire Craft is to at least try it out.  The graphics may be unappealing at best, but the many features of the game more than make up for it.

Next Time: Kingdoms of Camelot

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