Saturday, February 28, 2015

Second Storehouse of Treasures

"Adventurer's Vault 2" by Various
Published and distributed by Wizards of the Coast
ISBN = 978-0-7869-5204-5  160 pages

Adventurer's Vault 2 provides some more treasures for your D&D 4th Edition campaign. 

Broken down, it looks like this:

In the 1st chapter, Magic Items, you find: Armor, Weapons, Ammo, Holy Symbols, Orbs, Rods, Staffs, Tomes, Totems, Wands, Arms Slot Items, Feet Slot Items, Hands Slot Items, Head Slot Items, Neck Slot Items, Rings, Waist Slot Items, Wondrous Items (including Wondrous Lair Items...), Tattoos, and Consumables.

Next, the 2nd Chapter, Item Sets, has sets of weapons and armor grouped by Heroic, Paragon, Epic, and Group sets.

The appendix has an Item Table.

I was hoping that there was more to treasures than what was in the Core Rulebooks.  This provides at least part of the answer.  There's also a first "Adventurer's Guide" with even more...

The Item Sets portion of this book was my favorite part.  I can see players scattering alll over the world trying to find that one last part... :-)

Although players can use this book, it is, of course, primarily for Game Masters.  It contains literally thousands of new items for adding to 4th Edition.  Thank the maker that someone had the idea to group the Master Table by Item Level, and sub-grouped by type.  If you want to still DM using the 4th Edition, I'd say this was a no-brainer.  GM's should try to limit player access to this book.  If you're running 4th Edition, it has my recommendation.

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