Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wish there had been more...

"DM's Idea Pipeline: 2004 Collection" by Michael Hammes and Philip Reed
Published and distributed by Ronin Arts
ISBN = unknown -72 pages

Ronin Arts obviously meant this booklet to be the beginning of a line of idea pipeline selections, but as for as I know, there were no books either before or after this one.

The ten chapters include a host of new feats, new classes, new spells, new treasures, rumors, new contacts and NPC's, locations, events, and monsters.  I particularly liked the Specialty Priests, and loved the Elemental Priests.  There are four new Prestige Classes, but I, personally, found them to be uninteresting.  The Spells and Treasures are a mixed bag of good and not-so-good.  But, I use rumors quite a bit to start new adventurers for campaigns.  There are only nine of them, but the small amount of basic info provided makes a great jumping off place.  I also use NPC's for the same purpose, and the fifteen provided here have good info to give to players.  The ten locations are good in a city setting, and the five Events include some really good ones.  The four monsters, and one unique monster (you have to see it), have a place in many D20 campaigns. 

GM's may want to scan this book to see if the info is useful to them or not.  Personally, although I liked it, I thought it was generally a mixed bag of varying quality. 

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