Saturday, February 28, 2015

Too bad there were no more...

"Sun and Scale: The Gryphon's Legacy" by Wolfgamg Baur
Published and distributed by Gaslight Press
ISBN = 0-9713526-0-7  48 pages

Generally, when you see the name "Wolfgang Baur", you can pretty much guarantee that this Role Playing Game product is gonna be a good one!

The Gryphon's Legacy was to be a start for Wolfgang's Sun and Scale world. 

At only 48 pages, plus coded maps on the inside front and inside back pages, this is basically a module for the D20 system. 

It includes:

1 - The World of Sun and Scale
2 - Adventure Intro
3 - The Gryphon's Legacy
4 - Conclusion

There are three Appendixes:

1 - Quick References
2 - New Items and New Spells
3 - The usual License Agreement

Most of the meat of this module takes place in a small castle with a tower.  The series of maps, which includes the main floor, the tower cellar, the three upper floors of the tower, and the two crypts, are keyed to the text.  There are 56 keyed areas.  This would provide for one very long session, or a small series of smaller adventures. 

As usual, Baur does not disappoint, and this is a worthy mod for anyone still using the D20 system. 

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