Saturday, October 14, 2017

Primeval Thule - the ideal Pathfinder setting?

Primeval Thule Campaign Setting

Authors: Richard Baker, David Noonan, and Stephen Schubert

Some may like what I have to say about this book, and some may not.  As usual, Your Mileage May Vary.  This 272 page book from relative newcomer Sasquatch Games presents a campaign setting like no other.  Folks, if there were ever a campaign setting made especially for me, it could not be any better than Primeval Thule.

Unlike almost every other medieval type fantasy setting, this book is not about Kings and Queens, or elegant cities - the basic medieval times rolled liberally with various monsters both creature and human.  This book is a =lot= more like "Conan the Barbarian", or "King Kull of Atlantis", or "John Carter of Mars", or "Krull".  Magic is relatively rare and generally leads Mages into deeper and deeper evils.  There are =no= Monks.  It is a setting of Barbaric proportions, with unexplored savage wildernesses and wicked cities.  Thule, at its heart is supposed to be mysterious - full of ancient evils, freebooters, mercenaries, and opportunists. 

I'd be willing to bet that you're thinking about the movie featuring Arnold.  No way, Jose!  You must read the source materials - especially the various "Conan" books, as well as the John Carter of Mars series, and the Tarzan books at least to catch a glimpse of the real Primeval Thule. 

There are only seven headings for chapters and an appendix. 

1) Primeval Continent
2) Heroes of Thule
3) Atlas of Thule
4) Thulian Campaigns
5) Quodeth - City of Thieves
6) Monsters and Villains
7) Magic and Spells

The art is great throughout the book, and also matches the theme well.  The short timeline of Thule deserves a close look.  There are great sections devoted to helping players personalize their characters.  A =huge= section for GM's wanting to run a Thulian Campaign.  Also primarily for the GM is a big write up of the largest city in Thule, Quodeth.  You can, of course, use creatures from any Pathfinder materials, but, there is also a big section of the book for Monsters and evil humanoids. 

The magic and spells chapter should be of vital interest to a prospective GM.  There are also a few items and spells that can only be used by certain races, certain classes, or both.  The appendix contains some info on character creation, broken down into the various classes and races you can become in Thule.  A great index, and of course the obligatory OGL page comes last.

I know some people have not liked this book for one reason of another.  But if I could give it 10 stars, I would.  Absolutely one of my very highest recommendations! 

PS: Make sure the copy that you get includes the nine panel fold out map!

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