Wednesday, October 11, 2017

True Tome of 5th Edition Monsters

Folks, if you are a 5th Edition Dungeon Master looking for ways to spice up your campaign, there's nothing better than a few new monsters ....

Few, did I say? There are well over 400 new 5th edition creatures ranging from a Nihileth Aboleth (listed under Aboleth, Nihileth) to Zmey. There is a very comprehensive Table of Contents. There is also a very handy Monsters by Challenge Rating index for, believe it or not, everything fro CR 1/8 (yes, folks, that is one eighth CR) to CRs of 20 or more. In fact, the only thing keeping me from giving this tome a perfect 5 is the lack of an index.

432 pages counting the standard OGL statement and a single two sided advertisement for other Kobold Press books.

If this is any indication of their ability to produce a great book, I know I shall be seeking out other Kobold Press Books.

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