Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Adventurer's Armory

A Small Treasure Hoard for your campaign

"Adventure's Armory" by various, published and distributed by Paizo Publishing.

This very slim 32 page addition for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting primarily adds new weapons to your Pathfinder campaign, and is easily adapted to most Fantasy Role Playing Games.

There's charts for weapons on the inside front and inside back covers.  Inside, of course, there's a large section on Weapons, Armor, and Adventuring Gear, and small sections on combat, faith, magic, an NPC in the Persona section, and social info.

This book is a supplement to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.  The regular weapons pages gives info on everything from Aklys to Wooden Stakes.  There's a very small bit about armor and shields.  There are great new Adventuring Gear items, from Area Maps to Wrist Sheaths.  Even more special substances like Alchemical Grease or a Water Purification Sponge.  There are tool kits and spell kits, Clothing, Food Drink and lodging, mounts pets and gear, Entertainment items, what's available on the Black Market, and converting Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting items. 

Then comes the charts you will need in order to introduce all these things to your campaign.  There's also a quick overview of Equipment Tricks, Channelling Foci, Alchemical components, and Equipment traits and new feats.  Then there's Arayam Bismut, an alchemist for hire, who has an interesting back story, and a number of kinfolk.  He might make a great NPC when GM's go looking for adventure seeds.

Although you might think the small size of this book limits its focus, I believe that it is chock full of useful gaming facts.  My players use it all the time.  Highly recommended.

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