Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: The Tide of Years

Review: The Tide of Years

"The Tide of Years" by Michelle A. Brown Nephew, published by Penumbra and distributed by Atlas Games.  An adventure module for 4th to 6th level characters.  Here's a quick look at the contents.

Chapter One, "The Spirit of Lagueen", includes an overview for the book, and how to introduce characters.  It also includes a new clerical domain, and spells for that domain.

Chapter Two, "Preparations", details how the village readies the party to breathe underwater.  A new monster and a new magical item are included, as is a valuable NPC.

Chapter Three, "The Waters of Time", contains a map of the underwater temple, another new monster, how to handle underwater movement and combat, and a great deal of info about the pyramid and its contents.

Chapter Four, "Replacing the Temporal Crystal", reveals what happens if the party's mission is successful, including a chart for challenge ratings and experience.

This 48 page adventure would result in a totally new civilization being plopped down into your fantasy world, but there are ways to avoid this if you already have a fairly structured realm.  GM's can have a lot of fun with "Kyrielee" and should play up the charming element if possible.  There are many things in the pyramid, and even more in the library that PC's may want to take.  There's a great chart in the book that describes water damage of various types.  Finally, there's a new large monster guarding the crystal, and the book allows for at least three different types of traps.  If you're not afraid of introducing time travel in your campaign, I'd say this is a wonderful way to start.  However, if you do not want time travel available, there are ways to do that too.  Another product worth looking at from Penumbra.

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