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Review: Touched by the Gods

Review: Touched by the Gods

"Touched by the Gods" by various, published by Penumbra, and distributed by Atlas Games.  This book claims to be a sourcebook for cults and cabals.  There are 15 different religious organizations covered in its 128 pages.  All 15 groups include some info and adventure seeds.  There are 4 new prestige classes, 7 new spells, and a few new magic items.  Following are a few brief descriptions of the 15 entries.

1) The Athenaeum.  A group of librarians and collectors seeking knowledge and selling info.

2) Davlika.  A group of goblins has "seen the light" and are now atoning for their perceived wrong doings.

3) Death's Forsaken.  A society of individuals that have been resurrected or raised from the dead.

4) The Forge.  A loose alliance of mages seeking immortality in a strange way.

5) God Seekers.  Seeking candidates for elevation to godhood.

6) Justicars.  A secret society of beings seeking to eliminate those who have escaped justice.

7) Lurient's Legacy.  A movement dedicated to equalizing the balance of wealth.

8) Openers of the Way.  Looking for their "chosen one" to fight a major demon.

9) The Order of Endings.  Preparing adherents for the afterlife in the netherworlds. 

10) The Reborn.  Alliance of humanoids that have been transformed into animal forms.

11) Shepherds of the Root.  Ushering in an age of enlightenment by attempting to topple civilization.

12) Spirits of Bohnaraii.  Composed almost entirely by nobles, they believe they can cause miracles.

13) Survival Cults.  Mostly comprised by dwarves, these artisans rarely go far from home.

14) Ten Thousand Heroes.  These warriors feel driven to prove themselves in battle. 

15) The Way of the Wolf.   A diabolic sect of werewolves who worship a werewolf lich.

I believe almost all of these "churches" could be dropped wholesale into almost any fantasy campaign.  Although I've only given a really short definition, there is much detail to be mined here by creative GM's.  I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that virtually all of Penumbra's D20 material is worth at least a good look.  For fantasy gamemasters, I'd say this one is well worth picking up.  Highly recommended.

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