Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review: Three Days to Kill

Review: Three Days to Kill

"Three Days to Kill" by John Tynes, published by Penumbra and distributed by Atlas Games.

This slim 32 page adventure module for characters from 1st to 3rd level is still jam packed with great info for the GM.  Even the inside front cover and inside back cover have maps for your use.  Although there are only three sections, there is plenty of material in each.

Part One, "Backdrop", includes customizing the module for your fantasy world, the setting, a bit about the bandit lords, whom you will be fighting later, and a look at the two temples in town.

Part Two, "Getting Started", has references for the Festival of Plenty and the job that is the module's main focus.

Part Three, "The Trek North", is the meat and potatoes of the module and contains a bandit lair and a few orcs thrown in for good measure.  There's also a paragraph or two about future adventures should the party survive the main encounter.

There are numerous NPC's detailed, as is a map of the small city.  A block about the challenge ratings for likely opponents, and even some optional opponents is also included,  As I stated earlier, there's maps on the inner covers, maps of the two temples, and a complete overview of the bandit villa.  The whole module is generic enough to plop down virtually anywhere you have a good space on your own maps, and can also be run by itself - even as an intro for new player characters.  I'd say this module deserves at least a look-see if interested - even if you're looking for a one shot deal.  Another good product from Penumbra.

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