Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Maiden Voyage

Review: Maiden Voyage

"Maiden Voyage" by Chad Brouillard, published by Penumbra and distributed by Atlas Games.  An adventure module for 1st to 3rd level characters.  Here's a quick look at the contents.

The "Intro" only has a brief "Before the Adventure" overview, and the Open Gaming License.

The "Before the Journey" chapter details "The Albers", a small one-masted ship, and a couple of encounters with dock NPC's, and the Albers crew, among other things.

"Day One: First Impressions", contains a card game characters can learn, and some shipboard rumors, including the sighting of a "Sea Serpent", and an eclipse.

"Day Two: The Calm Before the Storm", shows the players not only a valuable prisoner, but that the crew is very restless.

"Day Three: Murder and Mutiny", allows players to help with the investigation of a murder and the results of their investigation.

"Day Four: The Ghost Ship".  Herein lies the core of the adventure, the sighting and subsequent boarding of "The Sea Maiden" and what happens next.

The appendix gives stats for the NPC's and three pages of player handouts that I think are hard to read, and would probably be worse if copied.

This 40 page adventure would serve as a great intro to seaborne adventures, or simply a filler between two city adventures.  It is unfortunate that the open gaming content uses a background color that make the text here hard to read as well.  Ordinarily, I'd give this module a solid four stars, but with the text in many places hard to read, I just can't give it more than three.  Still, if you're looking to see if your players are interested in seagoing tales, it's a good start.

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