Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: Pathfinder GM's Screen

Review: Pathfinder GM's Screen

"GM Screen" by Paizo, published and distributed by Paizo Publishing.

This four panel Gamemasters screen for the Pathfinder role playing game features extra durable hardcover stock pages, a great piece of art on the player's side, and four pages of quick reference charts on the GM's side.

Page One, "Skills", includes charts for acrobatic maneuvers, bluffing, wind effects on flight, Climbing, Diplomacy, Disabling Devices, and flying.

Page Two, "Skills", has references for healing, knowledge, perception, riding, spellcraft, survival, and swimming.

Page Three, "Combat", contains attack roll modifiers, armor class modifiers, combat maneuvers, two-weapon fighting, concentration checks, and a great list of conditions that affect combat.

Page Four, "Miscellaneous", shows armor and weapon hardness, other item hardness, and common item hardness as well as charts for XP awards, and for treasure values per encounter.

Having these charts at your fingertips saves a lot of time leafing through the various books for a quick ruling.  The four panel construction gives GM's room for both a notepad and their maps.  The heavy card stock covers means its very durable and suitable for frequent use.  If you're a GM for a Pathfinder game, and you don't have this screen, my suggestion is that it be the next item on your "To Purchase" list.  Highly recommended.

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