Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Sacred Ground II

Review: Another Sourcebook of Holy SItes

"Sacred Ground II" by Adam Bank, Chris Jones, Rick Neal, and James Maliszewski, published by Penumbra and distributed by Atlas Games.

This second 112 page sourcebook for Holy Sites contains four areas for you to place in your own campaign.

There's a two page short introduction to the book and its contents.

One, "Hai Shen Gong", contains 30 pages of details on the sea spirit temple, some NPC's, a new prestige class, 5 new deities and 2 new domains, and the temple guardian.

Two, "Earthblood Grove", contains 28 pages of details on the Druid grove, another new prestige class, a sample druid grove creature encounter table, a new creature, and the grove's guardian.

Three, "Creche Hospice", contains 26 pages of details including a few great new traps, some NPC's, and some info on a "Divine Energy Nexus" and what it can do, and a list of hospice services provided.

Four, "Oracle of Sumura", contains 23 pages of details including yet another new deity and domain, a new template, a new feat and a new skill, and a new item.

There are numerous NPC's detailed, as is a two page map of each site.  Finally, there's an index to new D20 material.  The layout is good and makes it easy to find what you might be looking for.  There's even a couple of adventure ideas for each site, as well as alternate versions.  They are all unique enough to give players food for thought.  Another good product from Penumbra.

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