Sunday, March 1, 2015

Add Mystic Warriors

"Mystic Warriors" by Various
Published and distributed by Mystic Eye Games
ISBN = 0-9713241-5-8 - 144 pages

This is part of their "The Hunt: Rise of Evil" series.

This D20 supplement includes:

How to use this book
Mystic Warrior Rules
Crimson Cloak
Dancing Knife
Holy Knights of St Bathipus
Iron Fist Academy
Infernal Sons
Order of the Leech
Order of the Lone Wolf
Cult of Madness
School of Many Eyes
Brotherhood of Moving Stone
Novus Ordo Somnium
Revenant Guard
Shiva's Chosen
Brotherhood of the Sparrow Hawk
Stone Soldiers
Totem Warrior
Warrior-Soldier School
School of Wind
Sisterhood of Xan-Rhea
Playing Without Vitus
Special Items

and others...

The lion's share of the book is about the new secondary classes available to Warriors.  There are 18 all together, from a Nordic Fighter type to a group of Amazon-like female warriors.  There are over 50 new techniques available to these secondary classes. 

The art is black and white, and varies in quality.  I found these new fighter types to be very refreshing.  Although they are meant to be part of "The Hunt: Rise of Evil" campaign, almost anything out of this book could be dropped into any D20 campaign.  Especially if you mix and match - you do not have to use them all... 

Personally, I moved virtually directly from the "Vitus" chapter (basically a system for using Mana) to the chapter about playing without Vitus.  I liked the "Stone Soldiers" the best - after completing training as a warrior, they transfer their "essence" into a Golem-like body.  I know I'll be using this book in my campaigns from now on.

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