Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More for Ragnarok

"Doom of Odin: Tales of the Norse Gods" by Various
Published and distributed by Avalanche Press
ISBN = 097079616-1 - 64 pages

Table of Contents
Part 1 - Character and Campaign
Part 2 - Setting
Part 3 - The Bride of Grivensir

This booklet is a continuation of Avalanche Press' "Ragnarok!" campaign setting.  It is a D20 booklet for version 3.0 of "The World's Greatest Roleplaying System".

Two new Prestige Classes, two new skills, three new feats, five new monsters, and two new magic items add to your Ragnarok campaign. 

There is a section on Jotunheim that includes more details on that realm then were in the first book.  There are also a couple of pages on Nidavellir.

If you are using Ragnarok, then one of the sections you will really like is the large module called "The Bride of Grivensir".  It takes up the lion's share of this booklet.  Even the relatively high level characters created using Ragnarok may find this module difficult.  A character that just plows in will probably end up dead.  About 34 of the 64 pages make up the module.  The module is a great compliment to the earlier Ragnarok book.

If you do not already own the Ragnarok book (and you should, if you want to use this booklet successfully) the great section on Nordic Runic Magic is re-printed.

One of the things I really like is the inclusion of Valkyries as player characters.  Although they are not lesser gods, as the characters or Ragnarok are, they are very playable.  If I were to run a campaign using this series, I'd be =very= tempted to get =all= players to run Valkyries.

One of the things I really hate is the cover.  It has another titillating almost naked female displayed in the center.  If I had judged a book totally by its cover alone, I probably would not have bought this booklet.

Although I may use some of the info from this book in my own campaign in the Nordic-like areas, if you are planning to use this book, I can't recommend it - especially for newer GM's.

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