Sunday, March 1, 2015

Adventuring in the Dry Lands...

"Dry Land: Empires of the Dragon Sands" by Becky Glenn
Published and distributed by Mystic Eye Games
ISBN = 0-9713241-5-8 - 144 pages

Although this does not appear to be part of their "The Hunt" series, it easily could be. 

This D20 supplement includes:

Intro and Overview
01 - No Man's Land
02 - Granite Kingdom
03 - Burning Sands
04 - The Dragori Empire

and a host of appendixes:

01 - NPC's
02 - Hazards
03 - Arid Regions
04 - Classes
05 - Creatures
06 - Equipment
07 - Feats
08 - Languages
09 - Magic Items
10 - Races
11 - Spells
12 - Skills

There are a few maps, and =many= Places of Interest, and peppered with quite a few creatures and NPC's, the art is black and white, and good, and compliments the text well.  The Classes appendix has both PC and NPC types.  For instance, I almost always include some type of Shaman into my campaigns as a PC, and this one would be very acceptable.  The 14 new monsters would make great additions to a desert environment.  There's even both a Table of Contents and an index.  If you are thinking of running a desert campaign, or even an adventure, I think this book would be worth your while. 

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