Sunday, March 1, 2015

More for your Rogue...

"Player's Advantage: Rogue" by Charles W Plemons III
Published and distributed by Mystic Eye Games
ISBN = 1-932374-03-5 - 104 pages

Note: I do not see any references to Mystic Eye's "Hunt: Rise of Evil" campaign, but this could fit into it very nicely.

Basically, this is a collection of Rogue types and Rogue sub-types.  The nine chapters deal with:

1 - Archetypes
2 - Classes
3 - Prestige Classes
4 - Killer Combos
5 - Feats
6 - Equipment
7 - Powers, spells, and magic items
8 - Monsters
9 - NPC's

There are 8 new archetypes, 7 new classes, 6 new prestige classes, 18 "Killer Combos", about 50 new Feats, a few new pieces of equipment, a couple new spells and magic items, 6 new critters, and 9 great NPC's.  Considering that this book is only slightly more than 100 pages, they packed plenty of info in it. 

GM's - this would make a very welcome addition to one of the more underused characters.  It's been a =long= time since I've had anyone wanting to be a thief.  Take a look if the price is right.

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