Sunday, March 1, 2015

A host of new Prestige Classes

"Librum Equitis" by M Jason Parent
Published by Ambient and distributed by Mystic Eye Games
ISBN = 0-9719238-2-5 - 64 pages

This short booklet contains only 23 new Prestige Classes and 11 new Feats.  Prestige Classes range from the Bounty Hunter to the Zombie Master.  Although the subtitle says: "Volume 1", I can't see any references online to other volumes.

GM's - if you're putting together a new D20 type campaign, then this book deserves a look.  Although I, personally, would not allow players to use these Prestige Classes, they are darned near perfect as NPC's.  There's even an entry for an NPC for every new class, making the GM's job much easier.  This booklet does not seem to be part of Mystic Eye's "Hunt: Rise of Evil" campaign, although it easily could be. 

My favorite possible NPC in this book would have to be the Psycho Pyretic.  Imagine, if you will, combining a Psychotic character with a character able to use =all= PSIonic abilities and you'll have a good idea of what this class can do.  D20 GM's should look at this book for great possibilities for NPC's.

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