Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Lost Nordic Colony

"Greenland Sage: The Lost Norse Colony" by Various
Published and distributed by Avalanche Press
ISBN = 0-9707961-2-9 - 48 pages

Table of Contents
Part 1 - Greenland Background
Part 2 - The Mission
Part 3 - The Voyage
Part 4 - Greenland

This is a D20 booklet for version 3.0 of "The World's Greatest Roleplaying System".

Basically, this is a module that will allow player characters to discover the fate of the Greenland Settlers.

There are a number of text boxes throughout this booklet that provide good info on the module. 

Near the center of the booklet are four pages of maps that GM's can use.

My favorite section in the Greenland backgrounds the info on hunting, wildlife, Magic, food sources, livestock, personal hygiene, language, life & war, clothing, the economy, trade, and finally the Unipods, all have at least a paragraph or two to help flesh out Greenland - even from a historical viewpoint. 

Another good idea is to use this book as a module for Avalanche Press' "Ragnarok" setting.  Greenland was settled by Nordic people, and one of the Norse Gods could send low level lesser Gods to find out why there is no more worship coming from Greenland.  If you decide to use this module for that purpose, just throw out all the references to the Christian religion.

One of the things I really hate is the cover.  It has another titillating almost naked female displayed in the center.  If I had judged a book totally by its cover alone, I probably would not have bought this booklet.

Although I may use some of the info from this book in my own campaign in the Nordic-like areas, if you are planning to use this book, I can't recommend it - especially for newer GM's.

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